Medela Cooler Bag

Booked by Aunties from IBM BPO

Why I need this ?
I am staying at NICU so mommy need to bring me frash milk everyday she will need this to keep safe her breastmilk and bring it fresh for me ^^

Where you can buy this ?

Rp 420.000,-

Rp 410.00,-


Avent BreastMilk Storage

Thank you Aunties Aunties from IBM BPO

Why I need this ?

Since I am staying at NICU, mommy need visit me everyday and bring me fresh milk for me, these container can do, beside that when I am already able to breastfeed myself these container can keep mommy breastmilk so it wont get wasted

Where you can buy this ?

Rp 199.900,-

Rp 200.000,-


Avent Electric Bottle and Food Warmer

Thanks alot Aunty Catherine, Uncle HW and Uncle Husin

Why I like this ?

Because Mommy can prepare my milk and my food in fast and way and it’s safe for me too since it has no hot spot. It suitable for Avent Bottle, Magic Cup and Food Jar.

Where you can buy this ? Rp 625.000,-

Rp 560.000,-

Rp 520.000,-

Sterilizer – Avent 3 in 1 Steam Sterilizer (Option 2)

Why I like this ?

Because it’s adjustable size features and Avent is the #1 Brand for Bottle & Feeding Accesories and it’s definitely BPA Free.

1. Small size configuration for sterilizing soothers
2. Medium size configuration for sterilizing breast pumps, toddler plates, knives, and forks
3. Large size configuration for sterilizing 6 bottles

Where you can buy this ?

Rp 895.000,-

Rp. 750.000,-

Sterilizer – Panasonic Dish Dryer (Option 1)

Thanks alot Aunty Kuntie and Uncle Shien

Why I choose this ?

Because it have a lot of spaces, it can be used to sterilized my feeding stuff also not only my bottles and it’s value for money

Where you can buy this ?

Rp. 725.000,-


Rp. 580.000,-