Little Miss Ryumi Segara Message

Hi there Aunty, Uncle, Opa, Oma, Cici, Koko,

Thank you for visit this blog, this blog is created by Mommy and Daddy to prepare my birth on around end of December 2012.

As none one expected that I am coming earlier, I has just born on November 19th, 2012 around 12.55PM in Siloam Hospital Lippo Karawaci with weight 1.6kg and length 38cm. I am premature baby born, actually it still on my 33weeks, but since Mommy’s waters was break last Sunday, and her waters almost all gone, doctor Budijanto Chandra decided to speed up my birth before I’ve got infection since I’ve been not covered with Mommy’s waters. And since I was born prematurely I am staying NICU (neo natal intensive care unit) it’s like ICU for baby. And I need to use some equipment in order to help to breath and to feed. And as you know NICU is not cheap at all, Mommy and Daddy got money, but since we can’t predict how long I should stay here ? We can’t predict how much Mommy and Daddy should pay for my NICU. But I bet Mommy and Daddy need a lot of money, since one day it can cost them around Rp 10Million. And it also can be I need to stay for 1 month. So if you are touched to help us, we would be very greatfull and thankfull and may God shower you with more blessings for your kindness.

You can transfer your help and kindness to
BCA KCP Mangga Dua Square
A/N : Edwin Segara
No : 5910705166
Again, I would like to say Many Thank You 🙂 I only can re-pay your kindness with my Laughs and Smiles, and pray to God to shower you with more blessings.

As a new baby born, I will need a lot of stuffs, well Mommy and Daddy has already bought a lot for me of course. But I believe Aunty and Uncle, will also bring me some presents and gifts for me when you all visit me. So this blog is aimed that help you to give you a hints what present and gift that I really need. So you don’t have to be confused in deciding what you will buy for me 🙂 And your presents and gifts will be useful for me.

Mommy and Daddy, will put all things that they haven’t bought and those things are the stuff that I need in Wish List Cart Category, if Aunty and Uncle want to give me things in those list, please reply in the comment 🙂 So Mommy and Daddy can take it out from the wish list cart category and move it into Taken Wish List. So other Aunty and Uncle can choose my other stuff in wish list cart. This is to avoid I get two same gift from different Aunty & Uncle.

Mommy will also put the list and pictures what basic things that she already bought for me in Miss Segara Stuffs. Since Mommy and Daddy is first time parents, I believe they haven’t got any experience with Baby stuffs and needs, may be after you take a look in the list item of Miss Segara Stuff if there’s any stuff that I haven’t got it or not listed in also in Wish List Cart, please feel free to give me that stuff too if you think I will need it.

At last, I would like to say a lots of thank you with hugs and kisses for all aunties, uncles, opa – opa, oma – oma, cici cici, koko koko that already visit this blog and already choose and prepare gifts for me or give love donation to help Mommy and Daddy to pay my NICU fee. Looking forward to meet you and see you soon….

PS : I am baby girl, so I love PINK very much, also I luv this cartoon character Pinky Piggy, Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, Winnie Pooh and Friends and other Pinky Stuffs ^^

Hugs, Kisses, Smiles,

Nathania Ryumi Segara


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