Little Miss Segara wanna say THANK YOU


Dear Uncles & Aunties, 

Ryumi wanna say thank you for all the gifts, Ryumi likes them so much ^^

Ryumi also would like to say to Uncles & Aunties who already participate in COINS for RYUMI, thank you for your kindness and I wish and pray that God will return the favors with tons of blessings, bundles of joy to all uncles and aunties that already share your kindness to Ryumi.

Ryumi spent 6 weeks in NICU, and Ryumi went back home on December 30th 2012 with  2.3 kg and 44 cm (born with 1.6 kg and 38 cm). Ryumi may be a tiny baby but Ryumi is healthier right now, just like other babies 🙂  Now Ryumi is 3 kg already and getting bigger and bigger each day 🙂

Once again, thank you so much Uncles & Aunties, Love you all… Kisses, Hugs and Smile from Ryumi


photo (1)

With Smiles & Giggles,



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